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My First Time

This guy isn’t going to forget his first time too soon, that’s for sure! He’s heard about these escorts that have extra big dicks and for the right amount of money they do a bit more than escorting. The rookie ended up getting his tight virgin ass slammed later that week. He called the agency and paid for a guy to be sent at this place. He was a bit shy at first but the guy got in charge of the situation and found out what his real need was. This wasn’t the first time that this happened so after he settled on the right price he showed the youngster a good time.

Well if he wanted a big dick, he surely got lucky because this guy has the right dick for his ass. The cute guy stood there and after he got to suck his first dick the guy got to mess around with his ass. The harder we went the louder the guy screamed, it was so intense and you guys must check it out. You gotta see this guy taking his first ever dick up his ass and not your normal size dick, no, he got to take an extra big dick and he took it like a pro. Except the screaming, but you can understand him! Like we said below you got the entire gallery waiting for you guys and we’ll see you next time with more extrabigdicks updates! If you liked this scene enter the shemale japan site and find similar anal sex videos and pics!


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Extra Big Dicks – Big Wet Cock

These guys don’t play around especially when it’s about their extra big dicks. The latest proof is this steamy update from the locker room where this guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut so he got that big black dick stuffed in his mouth, just to teach him a lesson. You don’t mess around with these athletes and you definitely shouldn’t test their patience because they don’t have it. This guy thought it might be a good idea to mess around with one of the old guys and to test his limits. Well after practice the roles were inverse because now it was his turn to test the youngster’s limits. He kicked everyone out of the locker room so when the guy came out of the shower they were the only two standing there. There was no way out of it!

The guy tried apologizing but that didn’t help too much because the jock was taking off his pants and he was in the mood for some action. Once he took out his extra big black dick our guy knew that he wasn’t going to make that mistake twice. Before he could say another word he ended up with his hard dick up his mouth and then up his tight little ass. He’s gonna remembers this and so will his ass. Check them out in action below in the latest extrabigdicks update!


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My Assistant Is A Porn Star

Well, this guy had a really interesting day at the office. He just found out that his assistant is a porn star, so in other words he fucks other guys in front of the cameras and no one in his office knew that and his boss loves guys with extra big dicks. When he tried to confront him he admitted that it was true and that he continues doing it as a part-time job. You might think that this upset his boss but actually the guy was intrigued and wanted to find out just how good his assistant was. No one in the office knew that he was into guys and he just found the perfect guy to share that with. So today right before his lunch break he asked him to join him in his office.


Once his assistant got there he came out clean and told him that he’s into guys but he doesn’t have that much experience and asked him to help him with that part. After fucking so many guys, one more really didn’t matter so he helped him out. He closed the office door and took off his boss’ pants and showcased his skills. The guy’s definitely a pro and just by seeing him blowing his dick you could tell that. But the kinky assistant didn’t stop there and he also gave his boss a rough ass pounding that he won’t forget too soon. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more extra big dicks!

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Extra Big Dicks – Big Dick Tech

Everyone knows that when you got a tech problem you give your tech guy a call, but what you do when he’s out of town? Well, this is when we intervene! We got so many guys with extra big dicks that are looking for some action so it wasn’t that had to pick one. The poor guy didn’t really know that our guy was into dudes and didn’t really cared. Our guy also knew tech things so he actually helped him and fixed his laptop. But while he was checking out his files he found some really nasty guy on guy porn that should’ve been better hidden. But this actually worked out for him because while he was checking out his porn stash the guy caught him and before he could say a word our guy admitted that he also liked exclusively guys.

So the big dick tech guy is going to get really lucky this afternoon. When the guy tried to tip him for his work, our guy asked for something else instead and you can see the end result below. He just wanted a quick turn at his fine ass and he got that and so much more. Right there in the middle of the room on his desk he got to shove his big dick up his ass. We told that these guys are always looking for some action!


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Instant Attraction

More extra big dicks are here! This time everything took place in the locker room. We know you guys really enjoy our locker room updates so we brought you another one. There’s something about seeing these athletes nailing their asses that makes things so much better. The hot guys were just finishing their workout when one of the guys was in the mood for some fun in the shower. He teased his hot guy with some dirty talking but then proved as he joined him in the shower and started milking his cock. That’s a pretty good start, well we’re not gonna lie to you it’s a great update!

The fun moved in the empty locker and as soon as they found a bench to stay on the guys spread their legs and took one another’s dick up their asses and dumping their loads up there too. When you thought that these guys were losing interest in fucking in public places this is what they send for you guys. These horny athletes can’t keep it in their pants, everyone knows that, but these guys can’t even wait to get home and fuck anywhere they feel like doing it. The instant attraction had the best result and in the picture gallery you get to see it all and you will love every second of it just as much as we did. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s extrabigdicks update!


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Extra Big Dicks – Big Cock Vacation

This guy right here got his first black dick. When you think about extra big dicks you gotta be thinking about big black dicks also. You can’t go wrong with them and that’s what our guy thought too. The jock saw this guy cutting the lawn on one of his neighbor’s backyard and he knew that for the right amount of money that guy could be his for the afternoon. The rich guy went to him and after making sure that he’s into dudes he made his move. He was right, this guy was broke and didn’t mind nailing his ass if that was going to get him some extra walking around cash. It surely was a good move and our guy is going to have his first black dick.


Like we said in the beginning, you expect big when you are thinking about black guys and you can’t go wrong with them. The guy took him to his place and after he took off his clothes he couldn’t wait to get that hard dick up his ass. The rich guy started jerking it off and after finishing his work, the black jock bent him over a table and hammered his tight little ass. These vacation updates are getting better and better and the best part of it is that they keep on coming so stay close. There’s a lot that you guys haven’t seen!

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I Need Big Cock

These guys just can’t wait to get their hands on more extra big dicks, this guy included. He really needs a big cock and he got to ride an extra big dick in this scene. The hot inked hunk got his hands on a new guy, a hot black guy and he couldn’t wait to take him home and test him out. They met the other night when they both attended the same party and they were instantly drawn to one another as soon as they saw each other. The conversation went well, but now they had to find out how good they get along in the sack also. The horny jocks went straight home after the party, together of course. The horny jocks barely made it to the bedroom but once they got there all that passion was put to work and it was so hot and you can see that below.

The jocks couldn’t keep their hands off each other and soon after that, the guys began nailing one another’s ass shoving their big dicks in one another’s ass. The black jock surprised us all, although you might’ve expected that, but that guy doesn’t play around. When the cute redhead saw his dick he couldn’t wait to take it up his ass and test him out. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more steamy guy on guy porn in these extrabigdicks scenes!


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Extra Big Dicks – Bedside Manner

These doctors around here are getting nastier and nastier. No boundaries, to nothing, they spend most of the day fucking their patients after they consult. We got some really nasty pictures from one of those days. The ordinary day starts with seeing some of his patients and then he starts taking in the consults. Most of the guys know what they get when they visit the doctor. You don’t get to him if you have a problem, you visit him when you need a good pounding with no string attached. Things just can’t get any better! You literally are making a sex appointment!

The hunk doctor has his favorite guys and one of them visited him today. Only a few guys got to bang his ass and he’s one of those few to do it. You might’ve expected to see someone bigger or hotter, but this guy has something that’s way better, he’s got a really big dick that the kinky doctor loves to play around with. When you see his extra big dick you completely forget about the rest or at least that’s how he does it. The horny jock had a great time nailing his doctor’s ass and you can see it all in the preview below, so don’t miss it out trust us you are going to love it. See you guys next time with more extrabigdicks ready for some backdoor action!


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Husband Cock Is Big

It been a while since the last threesome we had around here and couldn’t let that happen. We know how much you guys like extra big dicks and you already know this is the place you are going to find some of the hottest guys in action. This time we have a little family affair. This kinky couple loves fucking with their employees and there’s a reason why they only hire hot young guys to help them around the house. Nobody is forcing anyone to do something that they don’t like, but for the right amount, most of the guys get on board with their idea. Who doesn’t like making some extra cash by doing what they like?

This cute pool boy was next in their long, long line and as you can see he accepted the hot couple’s offer. The cute guy was so into the hot couple, they were both young and hot so why not give them a try? He’s had a crush for one of them anyway at least now he was getting his husband consent and getting paid for that too. He has a good eye because his crush has a really big dick and he was also the first to take it up his perfect ass while the other one was busy stuffing his filthy mouth. That was a good day at work, for everyone especially for all of you guys that enjoy seeing extra big dicks in action!


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Extra Big Dicks – A Monster Cock

We got more extra big dicks for you guys in this latest update. We just can’t catch a break with these dudes and they always surprise us in the best possible way. This black jock had a blast sucking off this guy’s dick and getting covered with up with jizz. The hot jock found a new guy to mess around with and we couldn’t be happier about that. A monster cock always makes your day better and this guy over here has what it takes. The guy had a surprise visit from one of his old frames and the guy looked hotter than ever. So it was pretty hard for him to resist his charms. The guy couldn’t keep it to himself and soon after he got comfy on his sofa our guy was already on his knees ready to please him.

The black horny jock started it all with an intense handjob session and a sloppy blowjob was next on his list. Don’t think it all ended there because our guy over here had to take it up his ass also and he enjoyed every second of it. It’s been so long since the last time he got his ass fucked that good. Isn’t it nice to see old lovers get back together?  You can see it all in the gallery below and don’t forget to get for more steamy updates from your favorite guys in action in more extrabigdicks scenes!


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