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Hey guys! For today extra big dicks have this hunk getting sucked by his coach before the big game and it’s insane! Our college hunk was pretty nervous for the big game, because all the scouts were going to be there so he tried talking to his coach maybe he could calm him down. Well his coach had a reputation between the player for being a cock sucker, everyone heard it but no one actually experienced it. The horny coach had a weakness for muscled guys and that’s why he became a coach in the first place.

He text his coach and told him that he needed his help in the locker room. There wasn’t anyone around so the horny coach tried his luck with our rugby player. The inked athlete wasn’t surprised at all because, like I told earlier, everyone knew about his reputation. The coach didn’t knew that he was into guys, but that helped him a lot because that was the thing our guy needed a good blow to relax. If you want more college guy you must visit http://fraternityx.us/ to see them blowing and banging each other in campus. Enjoy it!

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